MOOM For Men Organic Hair Removal System

MOOM For Men Organic Hair Removal System


The MOOM for MEN difference! Until now, all hair removers have concentrated on removing unwanted hair and have not cared about what damage they cause to the skin underneath. MOOM has revolutionised hair removal by making the skin the first consideration. 

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Kit Contains

  • 6 oz MOOM Hair Remover

  • 18 reusable fabric strips

  • 4 wooden applicators

  • Instruction booklet

Made in Canada


Easy to Use:

  1. Spread MOOM for MEN

  2. Place strip on top and rub vigorously

  3. Pull strip off in opposite direction

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Chamomile, Lemon Juice, Aloe Vera, Boswellia